Questions and Answers

Log in to the on-line portal with your practice details and follow the link which allows you to verify the policyholder’s details. They will present their details to you with their card.

Log in to the on-line portal using your practice details and then press the link 'View or update practice details' and you can edit this.

The fixed fee may encourage more policyholders to visit your site rather a competitor as they know what they will be paying. Anything not on the fixed fee scale is 20% off your usual fees. Please ensure you upload a PDF of your price list. This can be done by logging in and clicking on 'View or update practice details'.
Log in to the on-line portal using your practice details. On the left hand side there is a partner offer section. When you call the supplier please quote the reference for your discount.
The insurer will pay you within their terms to your nominated account by BACS. In your portal there will be a list of all payments submitted. Please collect any excess from the patient. This will be worked out for you by the software portal provided by Dentalink
There will be many policy holders using the network that will only be entitled to the fixed fee scale or 20% fee reduction. These patients will have a membership card powered by Dentaink. Please collect the full amount due minus any discount directly from the policyholder. If you need to verify the member please log in to your portal and use the verification tool.
Please create one account for each practice. For group practices of more than 10 please contact out IT support desk or email

You are able to create fee scales on most dental software systems so if are on the fixed fee scale please create this fee scale. Once the policyholder confirms he is a Dentalink member please choose that fee scale. If you are unsure on how to create the fee scale your software dental provider will be able to do this for you. For SOE support please call 0845 3455767 and for R4 Support please call 0800 1699692.
If you have chosen the 20% off fee scale option all you need to do is set of the fee scales to calculate 20% off your normal pricing. Your dental software provider will be able to help with this.

Please raise an IT Support ticket when you log in to your on-line portal. The IT support team will contact you. Alternatively you can email
Please contact your Sector Manager who is responsible for your practice. The name will appear in your welcome email.