Dental Practice

Dentalink's Preferred Dental Network was founded on the principal that quality dental care, freedom of choice and reasonable cost can be achieved with the right mix of dentists, patients, and insurance. Dentalink is a preferred dentist programme, not an insurance company. Our focus is to supply our members with access to a network of high-quality dental practices with a fixed rate fee scale. We do not pay claims or determine eligibility and benefits. Our networks are accessed by insurance companies, third-party administrators and self-funded dental plans.

Insurance Claim Processing

Direct Reinbursment

As a preferred dental provider you will be issued with log in details and a web portal which enables a more comprehensive administration system to make the insurance claim process easier, quicker and much more cost effective for everyone involved. With our dedicated web portal the details of the client and their claim form will automatically appear. All you have to do is fill in the details of the treatment you have carried out. This is then printed out and signed by the patient and dentist as legally required. Our software will then calculate the payment of the patient and the payment to be paid by the insurer. An electronic copy will also be sent to the insurance company and one for your copy. This will then be paid in five days to the practice.

Non-direct Reinbursment

Dentalink membership verification can be accessed via your online web portal. Patients will pay for treatment and they will claim this back from their insurance company. You must ensure that you charge according to the Dentalink network fixed fee scale.

Dentalink Membership Card

Many members of the Dentalink network will have a Dentalink membership card through employee benefit schemes. They will be able to use the Dentalink membership card at any of our Dentalink preferred practices at the fixed rate fee scale. If they do not have their membership card present you can verify their membership through your online portal.


We have a dedicated call centre that will be able to talk through any practices that require an additional help.

Great reasons to join the Dentalink network
  • Increased Patient Base / Heightened Awareness of Your Practice
  • Easier, quicker office administration
  • Faster Payments from insurance providers
  • Partner Discounts covering all aspects of running a successful dental practice
Am I eligible to join as a preferred dental supplier?

To be eligible to register, practices must have:

  1. GDC registered dentists – we require GDC numbers of all Dentists working at the practice
  2. A multi surgery practice
  3. Good customer service
  4. CQC Compliance
  5. Internet Connection
How do I register to be on the Dentalink network of preferred suppliers?

It is FREE to join the network. All that we require is that insurance patients that come to your practice through Dentalink are charged either a fixed fee scale OR 20% off your usual fees. You choose which of the two options you prefer. The fixed fee scale and discount scheme does not include Specialists or other services not listed on the fixed pricing fee guide. Any additional treatment will be at your pricing. We are limiting the number of practices on the network so we don't have an overlap of practices in each area so registration will be on a first come first serve basis.

If your practice meets the above criteria simply fill in our on-line registration form. Once you have filled in the online registration form we will confirm your registration via email within five working days and you can look forward to an increased number of patients through our Dentalink network. It is very easy to implement and we have a helpline number for practices to ring if they have any problems the first time they treat a patient from the Dentalink network.

Click here to view a detailed list of the benefits of joining the Dentalink Preferred Dental network