Subsidising Dental Insurance can be a Reward for Your Employees

There is no better way to keep your employees happy and loyal than by offering some sort of incentives that are genuine. What you choose to offer should be something that will interest employees so that they take advantage of your generosity. Also, your employees should have enough time to be able to benefit from your offers. It’s no point in offering free tickets to the latest movie premieres to those who haven’t lost a day’s work in the last month if most of your employees would have to juggle their shifts to make the time to attend.

Research has indicated that taking out dental insurance is one incentive that employers like you have offered which employees have quickly taken advantage of. There are many dental insurance providers that offer special deals to employers for their employees. In fact they are such good deals that they are hard to pass by.

You can benefit as an employer as your employees are going to have far more respect for you if you research and organise a great dental insurance package than offer free cinema tickets.

There are a number of insurance plans available such as coverage for

  • children’s orthodontic treatment
  • dental implants to replace lost teeth
  • general dentistry, including regular dental check-ups.

If you were to conduct a quick survey of your employees’ dental concerns and how much they are prepared to pay for insurance coverage you can get a custom designed insurance plan to meet their needs. Once you have chosen your insurer you can get it to provide some promotional material which lays out the incentives and can be advertised at your company’s workplace. Ideally it should have an easy method of signing up which doesn’t take too much time away from your employees.

Once the insurance incentive scheme is up and running you can look at other dental services such as cosmetic treatments. These days having a white sparkling smile is everyone’s dream but paying for is another issue. The NHS doesn’t cover cosmetic dental procedures unless the person has lost teeth in an accident or due to another trauma. There are many advanced cosmetic treatments that help to whiten and repair yellowing and cracked teeth. Whitening techniques used by a dentist, attaching veneers to conceal blemishes and bonding techniques which can repair and conceal cracks and chipped teeth are examples of what can be arranged for your employees.

Once you have selected your dental insurance provider you can discuss and agree how you can contribute to your employees’ dental insurance packages so that what you offer them is hard for them to refuse.

In the end, even if you have to contribute financially you will be rewarded because if your employees decide it’s more worthwhile to attend a dental check-up once or twice a year their teeth will be less likely to succumb to the need to have extractions and other major treatment that could be time consuming and require time and even days off work.